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Chyloptysis in Adults: Conclusion

A lymphangiogram is the recommended diagnostic test.- It will demonstrate the pathology and define the anatomy. The diagnosis of adult idiopathic thoracic lym-phangiectasis was based on the lymphangiogram and by excluding other known causes. There are two possible mechanisms by … Continue reading

Chyloptysis in Adults: Discussion

A lymphangiogram demonstrated a direct communication between the thoracic duct in its midportion and multiple dilated lymphatic spaces in the lower paratracheal, peribronchial, and subcarinal regions. CT scan of the chest after the lymphangio-gram showed contrast material in the dilated … Continue reading

Chyloptysis in Adults: Case 3

Pleural effusions persisted in spite of pleurodesis and over the years required therapeutic thoracentesis. Four years after pleurodesis, the patient required supplemental oxygen continuously. Recurrent bouts of bronchitis developed, and he had significant coexisting cardiac arrhythmia and ischemic heart disease. … Continue reading

Chyloptysis in Adults: Case 2

A lymphangiogram showed a single thoracic duct with multiple mediastinal accessory lymph channels in the midportion of the thoracic duct (Fig 2). They filled the middle mediastinum and surrounded the tracheal bifurcation and right hilum. Contrast material entered directly into … Continue reading

Chyloptysis in Adults

Chyloptysis is expectoration of milky-white sputum rich in chyle (Fig 1). It is a rare finding and apt to be missed when it occurs as an isolated finding without an accompanying chylous pleural effusion. Respiratory symptoms are protean, and radiographic … Continue reading