Conditioning guinea-pig hearts in vitro for torsade de pointes arrhythmias (part 5)

pointes arrhythmias (part 5) Perfusion of ventricular preparations with Tyrode’s solution containing DPI 201-106 0.5 |iM plus veratridine 0.5 |iM decreased heart rate, and increased QTc and force of contraction in a statistically significant manner, as shown in Figure 2. The most drastic effects were observed in the first 30 mins of drug perfusion.Mean coronary flow of the ventricular preparations (Figure 2) started in the control experiments at 13.6±0.5 mL/min and remained constant during solvent perfusion for 115 mins. In the experiments with drug perfusion the flow rate started at 13.4±2 mL/min, increased during the first 30 mins to about 15±1 mL/min and remained stable for up to 115 mins of continuous drug perfusion. Differences between groups were not statistically significant. You can find best quality treatment now – buy ventolin inhalers to see how cheap it is. Conditioning guinea-pig hearts in vitro for torsade de pointes arrhythmias Figure 2 Langendorff-perfused guinea-pig ventricles without atria. Atrioventricular node rate (HR), corrected QT (QTc) time in the endocardial electrocardiogram, left ventricular isometric peak pressure (LVP) and coronary artery flow (CAF) are presented as measured during perfusion with Tyrode’s solution containing solvent (S, control) or Tyrode’s solution containing DPI 201-106 0.5цМplus veratridine 0.5цМ(Ш). Values are mean ± SEM, n=6in each group. Statistically significant differences between groups as calculated with Student’s t test were obtained between P<0.05 and P<0.001 for HR at 10 mins, for QTc at5mins andforLVP at5mins. Differences in CAF between DPI 201-106plus veratridine and control groups were not statistically significant

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